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Galactic Unicorn | Rainbow Eyebrow Gems

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Turn heads gal! These iridescent rhinestones are beautiful with a pair of fluffy eyelashes and nude lipstick! Our four piece set of gems have two big wing shaped jewels for the top of each eye and two strips for under the eyes. These jewels wont go a miss, shop yours now and check out the rest of TBA’s range! Our jewels are self-adhesive. No glue needed! Ur little beauty includes a 4 piece set with two stickers for the top of each brow and two stickers for under the eye!

How to use- remove the super cute outer packaging then place the sticker jewels wherever you desire! For the best application results apply to dry clear skin and ensuring makeup added or products are not oil based!

If your jewels are correctly placed on you can reapply these jewels in the future. If you are reusing our jewels the edges will need a touch up using eyelash glue/ cosmetic glue.

How to use – Remove our outer packaging and place each piece where shown on the picture, to make sure your jewels stay on all night apply to clear dry skin making sure that any makeup added is oil free! If your gems are placed on perfectly you can reuse these gems over and over again! If you would like to reuse our jewels the edges will need a touch up using cosmetically safe glue.