STERILISED | Sterile Body Piercing Wipes

STERILISED | Sterile Body Piercing Wipes

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Babe, we got your back! So if you love getting piercings or just prone to infections then our sterile cleaning wipes are a must have, these piercing wipes can be used on all piercings like your nipple piercings, daith rings, helix earrings, lip bars and more for that fresh new piercing look! As these are small wipes they are easy to fit around your cartilage bar or daith ring to get them subborn area's! Our sanitizer wipes come in a pack of 10 & individually wrapped so you can fight an infection before it starts!

These multipurpose wipes can even be used to keep your hands clean when your out and about so make sure to keep them in your bag for an emergency wipe down!

Pack Of 10 wipes Individually Wrapped These wipes are suitable for any new piercing or existing piercing Wash hands before use or use a seperate wipe to clean your hands Saturated with a completely sterile saline solution Trusted Medical Brand Ideal First Aid Kits Ideal For Hand Wipes