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Spares | Titanium 14G & 16G Crystal Balls

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Want to upgrade your beaut body jewellery? Add a cute crystal ball to your body piercings to create a simple transformation! Our beaut hypoallergenic balls are made of titanium and created for a 14G or 16G bar piercing bar. 14G body jewellery consists of belly bars, tongue piercings, vertical hood bars and various labret studs.16G body jewellery consists of labret studs, micro curved barbells and more!

Our 14G balls are suitable to use on most piercings including vertical hood piercings, navel bars, tongue bars and thicker labret piercings. But please ensure that your body piercing is 14G for the perfect fit. Our 16G can be used for labret studs, micro curved bars and horseshoe rings!

Ball Size Available in: 5mm Ball| 14G Thickness & 3mm Ball | 16G Thickness Ball Made With: G23 Titanium For An Externally Threaded Bar Sold As A Single Piece Check Your Gauge As These Balls Are Made For 14G & 16G Body Piercings! 14G Balls Are Designed For : Belly Bars , Tongue Bars 16G Balls Are Designed For : Labrets , Curve Micro Barbells , Horseshoe , Cartilage Piercings.