Sparkle Pop | Silver Crystal Nose Studs

Sparkle Pop | Silver Crystal Nose Studs

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Little yet fierce our 8 coloured crystal screw nose studs are the perf touch to give your nose piercing super lit vibes! Sparkly nose jewellery is the way forward! How else are your haters meant to see you coming? This jewelled nose screw stud collection is a must have in your body jewellery ensemble! Get glam and wear these silver nose hoops with your fave outfit!

Simple yet poppin our silver nose screws are ultra suitable to wear in all nose piercings and your tragus piercing! What a bonus!

Gauge (Thickness): 20G (0.8mm) Bar Length: 8mm (not including screw) Crystal Size: 2mm Material: 316L Surgical Steel & CZ Sold as single piece