Cosmic Dust | Titanium Opal Curved Micro Barbell

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Girl you’re a piece of art, add the finishing touches with our lavish opal micro curved barbells! A true luxury rook piercing made with G23 titanium and two decedent opals to give your body piercings that extra touch of lux! All good things really do come in small packages so up the glam and wear this radiant opal rook ring as a belly button piercing or eyebrow barbell! Our lavish opal curved micro barbells are sparkly and girly to wear as multiple piercing jewellery! Such as ….

belly button piercings , eyebrow rings, rook piercings, tragus hoops , daith bars, cartilage piercings and more!

Gauge (Thickness) : 16G (1.2mm) Bar Length : 8mm Opal Size: 3mm Made With: G23 Titanium and Opal Internally Threaded Sold As A Single Piece