Marisol | Sun Nipple Shield

Marisol | Sun Nipple Shield

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Catch the sun rays all day long with our tribal sun nipple shields! A simple yet beautiful silver nipple bar design that would be a perfect large nipple piercing to accompany any festival outfit and make your nipple jewellery collection super lit! Perhaps a cheeky nip slip is in order…? How could you not with this extra fierce sun nipple ring!

These large sun nipple rings have a wonderful flare and are completely suitable to wear in your pierced nipples.

Gauge (Thickness): 14G (1.6mm) Inside Shield Bar Length: 14mm Total Bar Length: 20mm Ball Size: 5mm Inside Shield Size: 14mm(W) 14mm(L) Total Shield Size: 35mm(W) 35mm(L) Total Size: 35mm(W) 38mm(L) Bar Made With: 316L Surgical Steel