KIKA | Mandala Silver Opal Cartilage Piercing Stud

KIKA | Mandala Silver Opal Cartilage Piercing Stud

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Channel those summer time vibes with our delicate opal cartilage studs! A vintage designed helix piercing that looks ultra pretty as a conch stud and cartilage jewellery! For an ultimate lift why not wear this silver beauty in your auricle piercing? Or even better your outer conch piercing! Whatever you vibe this magical cartilage barbell is so adaptable for your body jewellery collection! This iridescent helix stud is a must have festival body piercing that you can wear in your ear piercings.

They are super suitable to use as a tragus stud, helix stud, auricle bar, ear lobe piercing and more.

Gauge: 16G (1.2mm) Bar Length:6mm Ball Size : 4mm Opal Charm: 8mm (L) 8mm (W) Opal Size: 4mm (L) 4mm (W) Made With :316L Surgical Steel / Opal Externally Threaded Sold As Single Piece