SPARES | Basic Titanium Micro-Dermal Anchor

SPARES | Basic Titanium Micro-Dermal Anchor

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No Pain No Gain Gals! Insure you rock the night away with some unique dermal piercings! The dermal bottom is placed under the skin to anchor and hold, the base is not visible once inserted. When a micro dermal top is added it makes an ultra cute accessory! With a huge variation of tops you cant go wrong with micro-dermal anchors! Get inspo from the one and only Cardi B!

These versatile piercings need to be placed by a professional and removed by a professional piercer.

Gauge (Thickness) 16G (1.2mm) Anchor Size: (L) 6mm (W) 2mm Bar Length (Rise Length): 2mm Base Made With: G23 Titanium Available in: Duel Holes Internally Threaded Sold As A Single Piece