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Pride | Rainbow Star Brow Jewels

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Perfect for pride! These gems will have you seen from miles away! Our set of gems have seven different colors in giving you that rainbow vibe! These gem will look stunning with a pair of big fluffy lashes. Feel free with TBA’s jewels!

How to use- Remove our outer packaging then carefully peel each section off and place where you desire.
For the best results of your application apply to dry clean skin, ensuring that any makeup added is not oil based.

If your jewels are placed on carefully you can reuse as much as you like!

If you are reusing we recommend some cosmetic glue for around the edges to keep them perf!

Our jewels are self- adhesive! No glue needed!

How to use - Remove all crystals from the outer packaging and carefully place the pieces onto the forehead, as this is thin and long please be gentle when removing and sticking on. Add the 2 smaller jewel sections under the eyes. For best results apply to clean dry skin, insuring that any makeup added before hand is not oil based! If used correctly you can reuse these as much as you like!