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Basic Bitch | Crystal Rainbow Labret Stud

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Feel like a rainbow of possibilities in our rainbow crystal labret piercings! We have the option of 10 beautiful coloured labret studs to give your ear piercings and facial piercings that little something special! Radiate positivity in our jewelled labret bars and wear them as a tragus stud, cartilage jewellery and conch stud!

Sometimes all you need is a splash of colour to complete any outfit so slip this universal body jewellery into your monroe piercings, dahlia piercings and snakebites for that ethereal look!

Gauge: 16G (1.2mm) Bar Size: 8mm Crystal Size: 2mm (L) 2mm (W) Bar Made With : Plated / 316L Surgical Steel Oil Slick Internally Threaded Sold As A Single Piece