Basic Bitch | Titanium Crystal Ball Curved Micro Barbell

Basic Bitch | Titanium Crystal Ball Curved Micro Barbell

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Move over sister and look oh so hipster in our crystal curved micro barbells! A totally titanium rook ring with a high finish so you look pierced and ready! Sass up your street style and wear this rook jewellery as a tragus ring, daith piercing and rook jewellery! This perf little rook piercing even slays as a belly button ring and eyebrow piercing!

Our pretty jewelled rook rings are perfectly suitable to be worn as multiple piercing jewellery! Including daith rings, tragus piercings, cartilage hoops, eyebrow rings, belly button piercings and more!

Gauge (Thickness): 16G (1.2mm) Bar Length: 8mm Crystal Ball Size: 3mm Made With: Polished G23 Titanium Externally Threaded Sold As A Single Piece

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