Where To Buy Nose Rings


Want to know where to buy nose rings?

Look no further than us! At ThrowBack Annie we’re all about reinventing the piercing scene, and if you’ve just got yourself a nose piercing, we’re the people to help.

Whether you’ve gone for a traditional stud, ring or septum piercing, you can find a whole host of gorgeous jewellery with us!

For those starting out and want to keep it simple but stunning, check out our range from Basic B*tch. These multi coloured crystal silver nose studs are L shaped meaning they’re super easy to get in and will stay in place. Choose from a bunch of colours such as pink, orange yellow or a stunning iridescent tone. 

Nose Rings

If L shape isn’t your vibe, or the colours aren’t your thing, we’ve got plenty of other options from various collections such as Witch Craft and Keisha.

Nose Rings Nose Rings

Want to go one step further and try out a septum piercing? Then we’ve got you covered babe!

The Rebel Spike Hinged Ring is perfect for all you hard core party people out there. Packed full of attitude, this gorgeous piece can also be used as a cartilage or daith ring.

Nose Rings

If you want to go for something more sparkly, we’ve got some stunning pieces from Basic B*itch and Hattie.

Nose RingsNose Rings