Tongue Piercing

We know how to make your tongue piercing even more fun and flirty

Cheeky, sexy and daring is everything that a tongue piercing should be. It’s something that you can keep fairly hidden or show off proudly, and with our range of tongue piercings, you can choose from just about any style you want.

At ThrowBack Annie we’re reinventing the piercing scene and we want you to be able to express yourself through your piercings. Whether you’re looking for something subtle and cute or bold and loud, we’ve got you covered when it comes to tongue piercings.

Starting off colourful, you can choose from a range of colours when you buy Get Lit Glow In The Dark Tongue Bar. Show it off in the club and be at the centre of it all with this bad boy. Doubling up as a nipple bar, this is super easy to pop in place and will be kind and gentle on your skin.

Tongue Piercing Tongue Piercing

Want to stop war and spread the love? Then how about our Talia Peace Silver Rainbow Gold Black Tongue Bar? Promoting the peace symbol, you can choose from a range of colours and show off your beliefs’ proudly and loudly!

Tongue Piercing