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Why is titanium jewellery the safest!

What makes titanium so attractive? Titanium is high polish and hypo allergic, so for all you new chicks out there with new piercings titanium can make the healing process a breeze.

Titanium is also great as it is a more resistant metal, it doesn’t rust and titanium jewellery are a lot more difficult to scratch and bend out of shape, perfect for all those who are afraid of damaging their jewels.

Spicing up your piercing game!

Feel unstoppable and accessorize your outfits just in time for the latest trends. ThrowBack Annie has a wide range of body jewellery ready for you to spice up your collection. We have it all, from Lip piercings, daith earrings, rook piercings to belly bars, vertical hood piercings and much more, there’s plenty to choose from.

Upgrading your jewellery is a great way to fall back in love with an existing piercing, especially if you’re looking for a better way to reflect your style through your jewellery! By adding a pop of colour into your collection you can really show the haters your badass vibe.

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Dive in and take a look at our gorgeous Trixie Flower Labret Studs. Perfect for all you hippie chicks out there, this G23 titanium opal stud is all about making you blossom so you can slay the day away!

Our flower labrets come in different styles and sizes, don’t worry we have got you covered! This piercing can be used for your helix, tragus, Medusa piercing or as a conch stud. You do you babe!


Keeping it simple and chic!

Call it basic; call it simple, we don’t care! We want you to feel your best when it comes to your piercings, so if you’re looking to something subtle-but still absolute fire- then this is the one for you.

Our basic b*tch and sparkle pop titanium collection is all about enhancing your natural beauty-without stealing your spotlight. Feel chic wherever you want to put it, whether it is your septum piercing, helix piercing, pinna, lip piercing or eyebrow. Whatever you’re looking for, if you want to make a statement with your body piercings, shop with ThrowBack Annie today!

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