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Good vibes only with our opal piercings.

Wanting to add good vibes to your jewellery collection, opal piercings are believed to bring good luck and are perfect to release all that goddess energy.

Opals are thought to boost the strength of your skin, kidneys, eyes, hair, and nails, so why not add this powerful gemstone into your jewellery collection today.

Be the gal you inspire to be! Accessorize your style with ThrowBack Annie’s range of opal piercings and reinvent yourself in time for this seasons hottest trend. Whether you’ve got a nose piercing, cartilage piercing, daith piercing , nipple piercing or any other body piercing we have got you covered when it comes to opal jewellery. With all these potential benefits you can not only look good but feel even better!


Are you now obsessed with all things opal…. and so you should be!

Opals are back and here to stay! Thanks to its beauty and versatility, many people often choose Opal stone in their jewellery, so hop on the trend and be the style icon you were born to be.

Can’t decide which body piercing is the best for you? Have your pick of opal ear piercings, labret studs, nipple barbells, captive bead rings and play around with colours and styles until you look fierce and feel unstoppable.

Opal Opal Opal

Ear stacking your thing?
When it comes to opals we have got every colour to match your vibe, so whether you’re style is keep it chic or rainbow unicorn here at ThrowBackAnnie we have all the opal cartilage piercings you could want!

Opal Opal Opal

Perfect for the festival season when you want to get that hippy chic vibe going, up your game with one of our opal belly bars. Add your fave crop top, some short shorts and make your belly button piercing the main event!

Or is freeing the nipple more your thing?  Then give our opal nipple piercings a go! Simple and easy to put in, you’ll feel like a true goddess.

Opal Opal Opal

Before you go!

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Treat yourself, girl, you deserve it!