Nose Piercings

Get some inspo from the beautiful Zhavia ward!

Nose rings have become increasingly popular with the mainstream population in the last several decades, with zhavia ward showing you how it’s done you’ll be slaying! Not only is she incredibly talented with a career on the rise, but also she’s an absolute style icon with those gorgeous nose piercings. Showing off a traditional nose piercing and septum ring, she’s making us think about our next piercing…

Nose Piercings

Are you thinking about getting a nose piercing? Yes! Perfect! Nose piercing can control the respiratory issues, hearing issues and blood circulation strain. The nose piercing on the left nostril is linked with the female reproductive organs.

Our cute facial piercing comes in so many different varieties that you’re certain to find the perfect fit for your nose! From basic to sparkly, surgical steel, titanium to 925. We have got you covered gal!

Let’s talk about nose piercings

Your new look is on the way! Being a less painful piercing to get, the nose is a great way to accentuate your beautiful face and give your crush something else to love about you! Whether you want to play it cool with a simple stud or be a rock chick, whatever your style we have it!

Surgical Steel kind of gal? Surgical steel is hardwearing which is perfect for everyday and regular wear. Steel does not oxidise, which means it does not tarnish or discolour and does not require regular cleaning.

Feeling something sparkly to add to your jewellery collection? Our sweetie crystal clear nose studs are the ones you need! Our sweetie nose studs come in a variety of hearts, stars and round circles adding that extra touch! They are also perfect for you surgical steel queens out there! 

Nose Piercings Nose Piercings 

Are you a beginner to the piercing game? Titanium is highly recommended for beginners and professionals, as it is very resistant to bending, cracking and has good scratch resistance. Titanium doesn’t contain any nickel, which makes it safe for all you out their with sensitive skin or a nickel allergy.

Our Basic B*tch G23 Titanium Crystal Nose Studs are absolutely stunning and must-have for nose piercing beginners. Our titanium nose studs come in a variety of colours making sure every outfit is complete with a stunning screw nose stud. Not a screw kind of gal? Throwback Annie also has bone nose studs, L nose studs and more, perfect for everyone!

Are you a simply but boujee boss babe? We thought so! Nose bones remain in your nose securely and are an appropriate choice for daily life. Throwback Annie’s Basic B*tch G23 Titanium Bone Nose Studs are the best choice of piercing if you are looking for something that will protrude further into your nose.

Do you want to switch up your jewels often? The perfect piercing to do so is our L Nose studs these are easy to take in and out and relatively secure. Our Celestial titanium opal nose studs are the most stunning opal nose studs.

Nose Piercings Nose Piercings Nose Piercings

Septum Queens

For all you women that love to rock a Zendaya look and give your style a punk edge, a septum piercing is sexy, risky and will make you look like the ultimate boss. Everyone will step out of your way and let you lead with our stunning range of septum piercings. Whether you’re looking for clickers, hinged rings, horseshoe piercings or anything else-we’ve got you babe!

For not only our septum queens but for all our titanium lovers, titanium jewels are lightweight, strong and a resistant material but yet very attractive for all you fashion icons out there!

Our Rainbow Titanium Hinged Rings are the perfect way to add some colour to your look. Being nickel free and hypoallergenic, you’ll be comfortably and sassy with this new addition!

Bright colours not your go to? We have it all. Our Hattie chandelier Septum Clickers is the perfect piercing for classy and sassy, ranging from 4 different classy colours with a simply chic jewel, you will have everybody staring. 

Nose Piercings Nose Piercings

Are you just obsessed with nose piercings and septum piercings as we are? Perfect! Throwback Annie have got your back, you wont want to miss out on this seasons hottest trend!


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