Nipple Piercing Online

Take a look at our beautiful range of nipple piercings online!

Are you looking to be super brave and get a nipple piercing? Is it something you’ve always dreamt of doing and now you’re finally getting it done? Or is it something you did a while ago and you love how liberating it made you feel?

Amongst all the piercings out there, nothing is quite as liberating and exciting as a nipple piercing. Giving you freedom and control over your body, it’s something that you can either keep to yourself and your partner, or show off proudly and free the nip!

At ThrowBack Annie we’ve got a whole host of gorgeous nipple piercings that give you the chance to make your boobs look and feel amazing.

If you’re partial to a bar piercing, then we recommend the Simply Chic Silver Flat Crystal Nipple Bar. Giving you plenty of colours to play around with, this bar is super easy to fit and can give you a touch of colour and sparkle.

Nipple Piercing Online Nipple Piercing Online

For those that want something a little more bold, how about the Maple Lux Leaf Silver & Rose Gold Half Nipple Shield Bar? Ideal for those that don’t want to commit to a nipple ring, but still want something a little extra, this is the perfect choice. Stunning, vibrant and available in rose gold or silver, this beauty will fit comfortably and be kind to your skin.

Nipple Piercing Online Nipple Piercing Online