Lip Ring

Find your perfect lip ring with Throwback Annie

We all know that lip rings are all about style, attitude and can be done both boldly or subtly. However you choose to wear yours, you can find a whole host of lip rings to suit your personality.

If you’re someone that has sensitive skin and needs something more gentle, our Basic Bi*ch Titanium Lip Ring is a great alternative. Still giving you plenty of attitude, this choice will be super kind on your skin and you can choose from so many different colours! You can also choose your thickness as these vibrant hinge rings come in 4 different thicknesses! Perfect for lips, septum, nose, cartilage, helix, tragus and so much more!

Lip Ring

Maybe you’re a lover of all things opal? If so, the Celestial Titanium Opal Captive Bead Lip Ring will go perfect with your vibe.

Lip Ring Lip Ring Lip Ring

As well as lip rings, we’ve got a gorgeous collection of lip studs: From basic to bold. You’re sure to find a style you love!

Lip RingLip Ring

Lip Ring Lip Ring


So, whether you’re looking for a lip ring, lip stud or anything else for any other type of piercing, you can do it all with ThrowBack Annie!

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