Lip Piercing

Get festival ready with Throwback Annie

Are you ready for the summer? Do you want to feel your best self when you rock up to the next party or gig? Maybe you’ve got a big event coming up and you want to rock a new look with a new piercing?

Coming in hot is our extensive collection of gorgeous lip piercings

Whether you’re a Goth, girly girl or somewhere in between, a lip piercing looks good on anybody and you can find your style with Throw Back Annie!

For all you celestial babes out there, we know you’ll love the adorable Astrid Star Labret Piercing. Suitable for a lip piercing, you can choose from silver, gold, black, rose gold or rainbow and change up your look with this star design.

Lip Piercing Lip Piercing

For those of you that want to step it up with a lip ring, then how about our Basics Simple Crystal Silver CBR Ring? This simple, yet totally understated, design is a great look for those that want to push the boundaries. You also get to choose from various colours such as pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue or clear so you can get a fresh pop of colour this summer.

Lip Piercing Lip Piercing