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Straying away ever so slightly from a “traditional” lip piercing, a labret piercing looks great on its own or teamed with other piercings. Whatever style you’ve gone for, if you’re looking to jazz up your labret piercing, we’re the people to go to!

At ThrowBack Annie we’ve got you covered for all things labret piercing, and you’ll never need to go anywhere else. From opals to titanium piercings, you can choose from a range of stunning labret piercings.

The Sparkle Pop Collection is a great place to start if you want to keep thing simple, yet stunning. Coming in a range of mm, this piercing offers a range of jewel sizes and is super easy to pop in place.

Labret Piercing


Looking for something a little cuter? Then how about the Trixie Titanium Cluster Flower? Adorable, kind on your skin and coming in a range of colours, this is the perfect choice for all you power flower babes! 

Labret Piercing

Whatever your style or budget may be, we’re certain that you’ll find your new addition with ThrowBack Annie! Whether you’re in to animals, glitter, Goth vibes or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Labret PiercingLabret Piercing