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Do you want to change up your look? Perhaps you’ve got a new ear piercing and you want to try something new, our labret bars are so versatile! They can look fantastic in your conch piercing, helix piercings and stunning as tragus earrings, or cartilage earring studs! Want to wear one somewhere else? Well our labret studs can also be used for your medusa piercing, worn as a Monroe stud, rocking it in your snake bites and many other lip piercings! Maybe you want to see how else you could use our labret piercings? Well if your nose stud is thick enough our labret bars can be worn in your nose piercing for that extra wow factor!

At ThrowBack Annie you know that we’re all about reinventing the piercing scene, and with our labret bars, you can find your own style. Our jewellery can create an amazing ear stack vibe or start a minimalist aesthetic look!

Keeping it classic, a popular choice is the Sparkle Pop labret stud. You can choose from bar lengths such as 6mm, 8mm or 10mm and jewel sizes that range on 2mm, 3mm, 4mm or 5mm. These crystal labret bars look amazing as a complete row of ear stacks, create a sparkling design starting from largest to smallest for that falling star effect!

Super easy to put in place with the front unscrewing so you can see where it needs to go and giving plenty of comfort thanks to its flat back. So you can sparkle and shine with all day and night with these gorgeous studs.

Labret Piercing Labret Piercing Labret Piercing

Want to add something striking? Then how about our Storm Titanium Lightning Bolt Top Labret Studs? Not only will this look killer on any type of piercing, but also you can be kind to your skin with these hypoallergenic qualities. You can make an out of this world space vibe by adding our Witch Craft Titanium Star Heart Moon Labret Studs to your collection!

Labret Piercing Labret Piercing

Love the idea but prefer gold or rose gold? Well we have you sorted! Our labret studs come in a wide range of colours! From gold star labrets to simple black balled lip studs!

Labret Piercing Labret Piercing

Shopping on a budget? Our labret bars are affordable with the highest quality!