Individual Labrets On Their Own

Keep things simple with an individual labret on its own

The beauty of our labret jewellery is that you can pop them almost anywhere on your body. Okay, maybe not everywhere, but they’re super versatile and can be placed in all kinds of different areas of the body.

Whether you’ve got a simple lobe piercing you want to jazz up, a snakebite that you want to make more feminine, cheek piercings, tragus piercing or you want to change up your current cartilage piercing, our labret piercings can do so much for your look.

Whether you’re looking for labret earrings, labret bars, labret piercings or labret studs, ThrowBackAnnie has got you babe!

We’ve got a whole host of beautiful labret piercings for you to choose from, all of which come with a flat back for an easy and comfortable fit.

If you love something that sparkles, why not try our Sparkle Pop Silver Jewellery Labret Studs? Coming in a range of sizes and bar lengths, you can keep things simple but sparkly with these beauties.

Individual Labrets On Their Own

If you’re all about standing out from the crowd, how about the Storm Titanium Lightning Bolt Labret Stud? Perfect for all you rock chicks out there, you can pop this in your tragus, helix, lobe or lip and be the main focus of everyones’ attention.

Individual Labrets On Their Own