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Do you have a lip piercing that you want to change up? Perhaps you’re the proud owner of a septum ring and want to buy something new? Or maybe you’re yet to find the perfect piece of jewellery for your soon to be genital piercing?

At ThrowBack Annie we have a collection of horseshoe rings that are perfect for lip piercings, eyebrow piercings, genital piercings, cartilage piercings and septum piercings.

All that’s required is unscrewing the ball, sliding it in place and then re-screwing the ball. Offering comfort, style and practicality, we have a wide range of horseshoe rings that vary in design and budget.

If you want to keep it cute, why not try the Flutter Double Glittery Butterfly Silver Horseshoe ring? Designed with two adorable butterflies, this 90’s style horseshoe ring will keep you sparkling and shining all through the night.

Horseshoe Ring

Want something with a twist? Then how about our Twisted Rope Horseshoe Ring? Putting a different spin on a plain ring, this twisted design is a great way to change things up and you can have it your way with colours such as rainbow, black, silver or gold. These also come in 2 thicknesses so whatever your size we have you covered!

Horseshoe Ring Horseshoe Ring

One of our all time top sellers is our sparkle pop collection! We have such a wide range of colours and sizes that they are suitable for almost any piercing!

Just look at all these stunning colours & we also do titanium! Which one is your favourite?

Horseshoe Ring

Want to spice things up and give yourself that fierce vibe? Then these spike horseshoe rings are perfect for you! And with matching earrings & hinge rings you won’t regret adding these to your basket!

Horseshoe Ring

Want something a little more basic and plain? Well that’s fine! We have basic horseshoe rings in multiple colours & in titanium! Even simple piercings can look stunning!

Horseshoe RingHorseshoe Ring

Whatever piercing you have, you can do it your way with ThrowBackAnnie.