Guide to earplugs, flesh tunnels and ear weights


Let’s talk about earplugs, flesh tunnels and ear weights!



Plugs, tunnels, weights and tapers are the perfect accessory! With every style from glam gal to gothic queen we got you covered.

ThrowBack Annie’s plugs, tunnels, tapers and weights are perfect for those who love to make a statement. Worn by both men and women our plug it collection is the best way to stand out from the crowd, creating our style to be individual, empowering and fashion forward.

Love them or hate them, express yourself through your jewellery and why not give the haters something to stare at. Our collection of earplugs and ear weights gives you a whole host of beautiful options so you can make your ears stand out from the crowd.

If you’re new to the stretching game and want to play it safe, have a look at our glitter rush ear tapers, which are a great way to begin. Ranging from three different stunning colours, you can’t go wrong.

Don’t worry, stretching isn’t permanent anything under 14mm can go back to a standard lobe, so why not give it a go.

Are flowers your thing?

If your feeling like something flowery to get you in the mood for summer our Clover Daisy Ear Tunnel, is perfect for you! Or maybe your wanting to add more of a natural spin, we just know you’ll love our lush Queen B Bumble Bee Ear Tunnel. Don’t worry gal ThrowBackAnnie has is all!


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Dare to be different.

Are you a stretched lobe lover? Look on fire and feel invincible with our killer selection of ear tunnels. If you’re looking to keep things simple, but still want to rock something edgy, our basic bitch collection is a great choice! Add a pop of colour into your body jewellery collection with our basic bitch double flared tunnels with a variety of colours to choose from your fashion accessories will be poppin!


earplugs earplug

Step out your comfort zone and be ready to rock with Throw Back Annie’s dangle tunnels. Our most popular dangle ear tunnels are ready to make an appearance our Tori Spiral Hanging Ear Tunnels are the perfect way to accessories your outfits. Feeling like causing a storm, our Storm Lightning Dangle Tunnels are here to cause disruptions.

 earplugs earplugs

Tunnels not your thing and want to add something extra? Throwback Annie has got your best interest at heart; with our range of glam gal plugs you can’t go wrong. Hop on the newest trend with Throwback Annie’s Basic crystal ear plugs you won’t want to miss out. Add a bit more sparkles and be ready to slay!


Ear weights are not a stretching tool but are great ways to accessories your looks. Here at Throw Back Annie we have a wide variety of ear weights perfect for everybody. One of our faves is Binky Heart Ear Weights they are ultra cute and super sweet!



Whatever your ear goals are, ThrowBack Annie has your back!