Flower Piercings

Spread the love with our flower power piercings!

At ThrowBack Annie we’ve talked about various types of piercing trends such as summer vibes and daring blacks, but who would we be if we didn’t stop to talk about our gorgeous flower jewellery that are designed for all kinds of body piercings? 

Feminine, pretty and striking, our flower collection is something that we know you’ll love.

Let’s start with the Maple collection. Ideal for a range of piercings such as septum, cartilage and daith, this collection is well loved at TBA and you can find the perfect match when browsing our website.

Flower Piercings Flower Piercings Flower Piercings

Another great collection to keep an eye out for is Trixie and their Titanium Cluster Flower Labret Studs. Super easy to get in and comfortable to wear thanks to the Titanium, you can choose from the below designs.

Flower Piercings Flower Piercings

For those looking for a more bold design for a tragus or cartilage piercing, the Yasmin Silver Rose Gold Lotus Captive Bead Ring is a great choice.

Flower Piercings

So, whatever type of body piercing you have, if you want to keep it fresh and flowery, you’re certain to find the perfect new addition with TBA. Shop around and buy today!