Fancy cartilage ear piercings

Personalise your vibe 

Ear cartilage piercings are a great way to accessorize your look and there are lots of different styles to choose from.

If you’re anything like us and love nothing more than showing off your inner queen, why not spice up your collection with our elegant and classy cartilage earrings.

You’ve got the world at your feet when looking for new cartilage piercings to play around with, so why not treat yo’ self to something from ThrowBack Annie!

We’re all about reinventing the piercing scene, which is why we give you access to a whole host of beautiful cartilage earrings and fake it cartilage piercings.

Do you like jumping on the newest trend? Well you’ll love our most popular choices including Starry, Darcy, Willow, Princess, Astral and Revena, which you can see here: 

Fancy Ear Piercing Fancy Ear Piercing Fancy Ear Piercing

Fancy Ear Piercing Fancy Ear Piercing Fancy Ear Piercing

It’s never the wrong time to wear autumnal piercings our Maple Crystal Leaf Bendable Ring have crystals embedded. Throw back Annie’s helix piercing is a great way to make your ears sparkle and shine, and it gives you the option of being a lip hoop, cartilage piercing, ear huggies and much more!

Not vibing with our crystal cartilage rings? Then our opal collection will defiantly be the one for you! ThrowBackAnnie’s Alexia Opal Earring comes in six different colours perfect to pair with any outfit. Ranging from white moon to Pinky purple we have all the opals you will need to add to your collection! Opals are a good jewel to have in your collection, as they are believed to be good luck and bring positive properties.

Fancy Ear Piercing

For something a little more out their, our Brielle Crystal Curve Cartilage Earring is the suitable earring for the baddest babe. Choose from silver, rose gold or gold and wear this killer ear piercing with a simple little black dress and be the belle of the ball! Blossom through this season’s hottest trend with our Juniper Flower Piercing throwback annies triple crystal cartilage piercing will bling up your ear creating your own type of vibe.

Fancy Ear Piercing Fancy Ear Piercing

Lastly, if you’re not quite ready to commit to a piercing- we’ve got you babe! 

Take a look at our fake it piercing range where you’ll trick everyone into thinking you’ve gone and done it. Our Fake It Sparkle Crystal Faux Cartilage Hoop is flexible, comfortable and can be placed almost anywhere you like, Our Fake it range is also perfect for ear stacking.

Fancy Ear Piercing