Fake Septum Ring

Fake it till you make it with our fake septum rings

Are you someone who would love to have a piercing but may not be able to? Perhaps you’re not ready to commit to the needle? Or maybe you like the flexibility of what a fake piercing can do for you?

A great way to change up your look, our fake septum rings are perfect for all you bad B’s out there who want to fake it in style!

Starting strong in our collection, a popular fake septum ring amongst our customers is the stunning Paige Filigree Faux Septum Ring. This beautiful design is incredibly popular at the moment and comes in colours silver, gold, black and rose gold. Sitting comfortably in your septum, you won’t have to worry about any pain or needles ever again!

Paige Filigree Faux Septum Ring

For those of you who love something a little different, we know you’ll get some laughs and attention with the Fabio Moustache Fake Septum Ring. You can turn heads with this unique fake septum ring thanks to its adorable black moustache. 

Fabio Moustache Fake Septum Ring

If you’re someone who loves to rock a boho style, the Autumn Vintage Boho Fake Septum Ring is a great choice. Perfect for this time of year, this gorgeous design is something to behold, and you can choose from silver, gold or rose gold. 

Autumn Vintage Boho Fake Septum Ring

Go for a classic look with some simple fake bull rings! In various colours our lucia fake septum hoop are a must for any gender! Lucia Fake Septum Hoop

Get twisted babes! Our fake nose rings are perfect for daith piercings, helix piercings or septum piercings! Style them up however you like! The best thing about these fake earrings is that once you get a piercing you can still use them for other fake piercings! 

Fake Nose Rings

What ever your style, we have so many different fake septum piercings that are perfect for you!