Easy To Wear Rings- Hinged & Clicker Rings

Stock up our easy to wear rings in time for the summer!

Sometimes less is more, and when it comes to your piercings, this can be the way forward. Of course we love nothing more than you bold and bright babes that shine and sparkle, but we’re not forgetting how understated something as simple as a hinged hoop can totally change the game.

At ThrowBack Annie we’re all about reinventing the piercing game, but we totally appreciate what wonders a hinged hoop can do! Versatile, easy to wear and easy to change- what’s not to love?!

Whether you’ve got yourself a lip piercing, eyebrow piercing, tragus, cartilage, nose ring or anything else you’re proud to show off, you can pop our clickers and hinged rings in almost any piercing.

Our Titanium Rainbow Hinged Rings are a great way to add some colour to your look, without going overboard. Choose from loads of different metal shades so you can find your perfect fit, or keep up with Pride month and go for a rainbow style!

Hinged & Clicker Rings

Or if you want something a little more sparkly and sexy, how about our Khalessi Teardrop Crystal Hinged Ring? This little beauty will look perfect on your septum, nose or daith, just click it into place and give everyone something else to admire!

Hinged & Clicker Rings