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Let’s pay homage to a classic earring

At ThrowBack Annie we spend a lot of time talking about different piercings, but we thought it was time to pay our respects to the classic earring. It’s quite often the first piercing we get, and whether you were one of the lucky ones in class that got it done young or you’ve recently bitten the bullet, let’s look at our range of ear piecing’s online.

The beauty of a classic lobe piercing is that you can have so much flexibility, whether you like a simple stud, big hoop, statement earring or something sparkly and bold.

For all you punk chicks out there, we think you’ll love the Safety First Safety Pin Dangle Earring. Perfect for getting noticed and rocking a different look, this earring is super easy to put in and comes in colours gold, silver or rose gold.

Ear Piercing

If you like to rock a hoop but want to try something new, how about our Storm 925 Sterling Silver Lightning Hoop Earrings? Giving a modern twist on a classic hoop, you can look edgy and cool with these new additions.

Ear Piercing

Whether you’re looking for something unique, edgy, classic or sophisticated, we’ve got it all at ThrowBack Annie!

Ear PiercingEar PiercingEar PiercingEar Piercing