Let’s throw an ear party!

We know we are super keen about body piercings and how you can push the boundaries, but sometimes there’s nothing better than keeping things simple!

Our first piercings are often in our ears, and once we’ve started with the lobe, it’s only right that we move on up to the helix or cartilage. So, let’s pay homage to the traditional ear piercing and take a look at your options when you want to spice things up with your ears.

At ThrowBack Annie we’ve got you covered when it comes to cartilage piercings!

Studs or hoops? You decide! Whatever your style is, we’ve got your back when you want to adorn your ears with our stunning jewellery.

For you babes that want to sparkle and pop, look at our Sparkle Pop Silver Jewel Labret Studs. Choose your jewel size and bar length and you can keep things simple, but totally stunning with our gorgeous studs.


Wanna be extra? We love it! Our Brielle Crystal Curve Cartilage Earrings are going to get everyone’s attention when you wear this on your next night out. Choose from silver, gold or rose gold, pop your hair in a messy bun and see just how quickly you become the belle of the ball!