Dermal Piercing


Rock a dermal piercing with Throwback Annie

Dermal Piercings

Dermal piercing trends are blowing up right now, and people are finding all kinds of sexy new ways to rock these tiny little gems, in a whooooole lot of exciting new places

Pushing the piercing scene even further, dermal piercings are for the extra brave and bold, and we absolutely love it! Unlike your more traditional piercings, dermal piercings sit on the surface of the skin, meaning you have much more freedom to pierce certain body parts.

Whilst some rock a dermal piercing on their cheek or chin, you can have a dermal piercing almost anywhere such as your chest, back, hand or neck. Wherever you want to be creative and adventurous, dermal piercings let you break the barriers and try something totally new.

At Throwback Annie we’ve got a whole host of stunning dermal piercings to choose from, all of which are versatile and made from materials that are kind and gentle on your skin.

One of our most popular dermals is our Simply Chic Titanium Crystal Micro Dermal Tops they are a great way to introduce you to the dermal piercing scene. Available in silver, rose gold and 3 different size, these subtle but stunning piercings can be placed anywhere you’ve got a dermal piercing and need to be placed or removed by a professional piercer. Not a crystal kind of gal? Well Throwback Annie has a range of opal dermal tops perfect for all you opal lovers out there coming in a range of four colours you cannot go wrong.

Dermal Piercings Dermal Piercings

If you would prefer something a little different then our shape dermal tops are the one for you! Jazz up your surface bar with either our Binky Titanium Heart Micro Dermal Tops or our Astrid Titanium Star Dermal Top Piercing both available in silver and gold, these adorable dermal piercings will look great on your face or body. You’ll be ready to slay the day away!

Dermal Piercings Dermal Piercings


Want something a bit more out there? Well our surface bar piercing will definitely add that extra touch to your vibe, giving you a whole new look. With our simply chic dermal surface piercing.

Here at Throw Back Annie we have a wide range of dermal top piercings including our Trixie Dermal Crystal Tops, Indy Tribal Dermal Tops and our basic titanium disc dermal tops and many more.

How to look after your dermal piercing

When getting a new piercing it is very important you look after it to keep it looking healthy and fresh. Here is how to when getting your dermal piercing.

  • Keep the area covered with a bandage for a few days.
  • Wash your hands with antibacterial soap before touching the area.
  • Use a new paper towel each time you clean the piercing.
  • Clean twice daily with a sea salt or saline solution.
  • Gently wipe away any crust that’s formed between cleansings.
  • Cover the piercing to protect it from getting wet during showering, if possible.
  • Pat the area dry after each cleansing or after taking a shower.