Daith Jewellery

See our range of stunning daith jewellery

Have you recently ventured out into new territory with your piercings? Do you want to try something new such as daith piercing? Perhaps you’ve been extra brave and got a few new piercings and want to see what we can offer you?

At ThrowBack Annie we are here to reinvent the piercing scene and we give you all the jewellery you could imagine. Whether you’re looking for a daith piercing, rook piercing, cartilage piercing or something more intimate, you can find it all on our website.

We want you to feel free to express yourself through our jewellery, and with our range of daith piercings, you can find the perfect new addition with us.

If you want something beautiful, elegant and show stopping, how about the Khalessi Teardrop Crystal Hinged Septum Daith Helix Ring? Suitable for various parts of the ear, this piercing is absolutely stunning, super easy to put in place and will be gentle on your skin.

Daith Jewellery

For those that want to keep it simple, we think you’d like the Rainbow Bendable Piercing Rings suitable for nose hoop, cartilage, daith and various other piercings. Quick and easy to put in place, these rings come in 6mm, 8mm or 10mm and also come in various other colours.

Daith Jewellery Daith Jewellery