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At ThrowBack Annie we’re here to reinvent the piercing scene with our extensive collection of piercing jewellery. Whether you have a lip piercing, nipple piercing, nose ring, cartilage piercing or anything else, you’re certain to find a whole host of beautiful jewellery on our website.

For those that struggle with skin sensitivity, we’ve got an extensive range of titanium jewellery for all kinds of body piercings.

The Rainbow Titanium Hinged Rings Thin Nose Hoops Septum Cartilage Helix Ring is a great investment. Suitable for various parts of the body, this piece of jewellery will be kind to your skin, simple to put in and comfortable to wear.

Body Jewellery Online

Another great adaptable piece of jewellery is the Basic B*tch Silver Flat Crystal Labret Stud. Perfect as a cartilage piercing or facial jewellery, this gorgeous choice comes in 2mm or 3mm and is super easy to put in place. You can also choose from various colours to find the perfect fit for your personality.

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Body Jewellery Online Body Jewellery Online