Belly Button Piercings

Things you need to know before accessorising your body with a bellybutton piercing.

Belly Button Piercings

Belly button piercings may appear totally cool and effortless, but they actually require serious commitment. They heal slower than many other types of body piercings.

If you’re thinking of treating yourself to a new piercing that can be easily covered or easily displayed, here’s what you need to know before getting a belly button piercing:

Find a piercer you trust- don’t just walk into the first studio you find, take your time and ask around. Check online for positive reviews and don’t be shy to ask the piercer about their qualifications and experience. If you’re someone who doesn’t like pain, take a friend with you to hold your hand.

Think about the jewellery: Treat your body the way it deserves to be treated and opt for something that will be kind to your skin such as titanium. Being classed as low irritants, these types of jewellery can help your skin heal with minimum fuss.

Aftercare- Perhaps one of the most important steps when it comes to piercings! Always wash your hands before and after touching your piercing, and use warm water and unscented soap to gently clean the area. 

Don’t worry we have got you covered here at Throw Back Annie we have plenty of titanium belly bars. Take a look at our Basic B*tch Titanium Double Crystal Belly Bars for a classic and sexy belly button piercing. You can choose from just about any colour you can think of, and all our solid titanium navel rings are simple and easy to put in place and keep clean.

Belly Button Piercings Belly Button Piercings Belly Button Piercings

Crystals not your thing? Throwback Annie has a wide range of opals and different designs perfect for everyone! Ranging from 6 different opal colours you cannot go wrong with our celestial titanium belly bars.

Now you know how to look after your belly button piercing , will you be jumping on this seasons hottest accessory.