925 Sterling Silver & Ear Huggies

Want jazz up your jewellery collection? Well our 925 sterling silver earrings & huggies are the perfect way too. 

earrings earrings earrings

Sterling silver is the best material for your jewels as it is hypoallergenic, high quality, stylish and safe. Sterling silver is one of the best metals for everyday wear as it never turns green and is more of an expensive material.

At Throw Back Annie we’re reinventing the piercing scene and want to give you access to a range of gorgeous piercings. Whether you’re looking for cartilage earrings, ear huggies or body piercings, we’ve got you babe!

If sterling silver cartilage earrings are your things, then we’ve got the perfect one for you. Our Binky 925 sterling heart cartilage earrings are a small and sweet way to change up your look or make the perfect present for that sweetheart in your life!

Or maybe you’re looking for something sparklier? Then how about our Sparkle Pop 925 sterling silver cartilage earrings? These beauties can be worn in your helix, as a conch bar, in your lobe and many other places.

earrings earrings

Glam up your ears with our stunning ear huggies!

If you want to go for an absolute classic ear piercing and try out ear huggies, have a look at our range of sterling dangle hoops. Our beautiful ear piercings come in different styles creating the ultimate fashion vibe. Cosmos star & moon dangle earrings come in silver and gold perfect for mix and matching or simply to slay any fashion trend. Crystals not your thing when wearing jewellery, we got you covered with our storm dangle piercings you cannot go wrong, these little beauties will be ready to create a storm and have everyone staring.

earrings earrings earrings

Not really a piercing type of gal? Our astrid 925 sterling silver star necklace is the perfect accessory for all you gals out there or maybe your wanting to treat your bestie to matching necklaces either way our necklace is defiantly a must have.




Whatever your fashion vibe is weather its sparkly earrings, unique style huggies or stunning necklaces. We have it all!